When playing any game of Poker, there are certain rules for Strip Poker. These may include but are not limited to the following:

rules for strip poker

A draw cannot be re-raised more than twice. Again, a draw can be re-raised once only after the first fold is re-raised with an all-in card. This includes a pocket card. The re-raise of the first fold can never make the current hand a full house.

If you are out of chips and are the first player in, it means you cannot raise the chip on the flop. A flush card is never re-raised. A flush always beats a straight. If there is more than one pair or more than two pairs or kings, the hand is not a full house. Players with out of bounds cards will not be able to call out of bounds.

Players are only allowed to place bets when it is legal to do so. A player who calls out of bounds when he is not allowed to bet is called a “push.” A push is a legal raise when the player has taken a bet and then calls out of bounds. Players are required to return chips when they are not in a position to bet. These chips are lost by the player calling out of bounds. Players are only allowed to raise to four bets.

Players should not double up their chip count. It is illegal to make more than three cards with the same suit. Players are not allowed to bet more than once on a single card. If the player’s cards become invalid, he can not bet.

The cut-off round is followed. This round determines who goes first and the card dealt. The player who makes the draw takes the first cut-off.

The dealer must always keep his hands face up, unless he is dealing the black cards and he is not required to check the cards. A player may see his cards; however, the dealer must always keep them visible.

A player is allowed to bet any number of times, even in a losing hand. In a slow-down, players may only bet one time per half-deck. In a double-down, players may bet twice, the dealer may not change the total.

Players are not allowed to raise in front of a pair, no matter how many cards they have left. One pair can not be re-raised with the same suit. Any other type of raised in front of a set of diamonds (like a pair of eight) is considered a wild. If a player does not have any cards in front of a set of diamonds, they must call to turn over all of their cards.

Players cannot hold on to their bank cards. In any situation where you have reached your bank cards, you cannot play with your hand.

Blinds are not to be used. There are three possible blinds: a) the dealer has the ace of spades and the deck contains only aces, b) the dealer has the ace of spades and the deck contains two aces, c) the dealer has the ace of spades and the deck contains three aces. These three blinds are known as the Rook blind, the Ace of clubs blind, and the Ace of Diamonds blind.

Look-stealing is strictly forbidden. A player must never look at the cards in front of him. There is a seven-card count before the turn. After the turn, if the player has not passed with a card, then it is allowed to re-pass with the full betting stack and then on the cards that were taken from that player’s stack.

Rules For Strip Poker